Ok so you just finished your project, and you have all those annoying ends to weave in. If you are a fan of a chunky or super chunky yarn like me, you'll come up with another problem: threading a chunky and super chunky yarn through an ordinary yarn needle!

Most large eye needles don't have an eye big enough to thread the chunky yarn through, and the yarn starts splitting which makes it even harder to thread through. Our Cuddle Soft Chunky yarn does this too, splits when you're trying to thread it through a standard needle. I didn't like that one bit, so I decided to find a solution so we don't annoy our customers! I'm glad to say I've found the perfect product on the market that makes threading the yarn through a breeze!
It's a needle with an elastic loop, that is large enough to fit even super chunky and chenille yarns. So don't waste any more of your time and nerves.

Grab one of the large loop yarn needles from our shop or get it for FREE when you order our yarn for over £25 (ends the 30th of July).

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